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Feast of the Senses

Mini – Workshops : Saturday 24 March

On Saturday 24 March we are holding a series of mini-workshops.   This is an opportunity for many to ‘have a go’ at activities they’ve never tried before.   Most workshops are just an h

our, some a bit longer.   So they are short and sweet and costed accordingly.    They are part of a day of activities that we are holding at Innisfail State College 
The workshops will cost $10.00 per hour, plus the cost of any materials.    So, if a workshop is two hours long it will cost $20.00.   This is very good value for workshops that usually cost considerably more.   This is often an opportunity for ‘try before you buy’ for some organisations.   
Timetable and full list of workshops are listed here: Workshop Schedule and bookings are now open, either in person at 31 Rankin St,  by email:  manager@feastofthesenses.com.au or phone:  0447 037 476.   If space is available registration will be possible on the day.
We take this opportunity to thank Innisfail State College for allowing us to take over their grounds for the day!

We now have a heap more workshops happening – check out the latest:  Workshops Morning Schedule and Workshops Afternoon Schedule


28 March – 5 April 2015




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