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Feast of the Senses

2017 Guinness World Records™ for the Longest Banana Split

We are committing to the Guinness World Records™ attempt for the Longest banana split as part of the 2017 Feast of the Senses Festival.   We are in communication with Guinness World Records™ and are planning to create the Longest Banana Split. This is a record that has been held since 1988 by the town of Selinsgrove in Pennsylvania, USA.

We will require strong support from a variety of entities to achieve this.   The current record is 4.77 miles long.   Our aim will be to achieve 5 miles or 8 kms.  That’s 8,000 metres!!   The logistics are impressive:   Approximately 40,000 bananas, 2,000 litres of ice cream, topping and cream – lots of cream….   And the best news of all – nearly all the produce will be local produce!

Banana Split Guiness World Recordstm Attempt Explained

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We believe that we can achieve this.   The Banana Split Guiness World Recordstm Attempt will be held the day before Market Day – Saturday 25 March 2017, on the Brothers Innisfail football fields.    It will be a ticketed event that will involve hopefully 8,000 people.  Each person will have a metre of banana split to make, and then eat, after judging.    Whilst still in the early planning stages it is at a very positive stage, subject to funding availability.


The major threat to this attempt will be the weather.  We will not take this threat likely but will assume that we have to deal with such a challenge and plan accordingly.

It is in anticipated that there will be only a handful of major sponsors involved in the record attempt and the event will enable us to create quite extensive media coverage.  We anticipate some healthy national and international media interest for such a significant record.

A project in itself, the framework in which the banana split will be made will be a major art installation.    A Melbourne based company, BOXWARS, will be instrumental in working with schools, community groups and the general public to create the framework in the weeks leading up to the attempt.   Please check out the BOXWARS website – it is very exciting.

Tickets for this event will be available from 1 December 2016.   Ticket price is $12.00 per person.

  • Pre-purchased online tickets includes:
    1.  Entry to the Banana Split Guiness World Recordstm Attempt Saturday 25 March
    2.  Making of one meter of banana split (5 bananas)
    3.  Hat
    4.  Drink Bottle
    5.  Certificate of Participation
    6.  Entry to Market Day Extravaganza on Sunday 26 March


  • Tickets may be available on the day if not sold out.    Entry to Market Day on Sunday 26 March will NOT be included with tickets purchased on the day.
  • Children under 4 will not be admitted to the main area.    Childcare may be available.  Details advised as they come to hand.
  • Children aged 4 – 7 are free and MUST be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.  These children MUST be closely supervised.
  • People with disabilities are encouraged to participate and special arrangements will be made to ensure their inclusion.


Tickets purchases available by clicking link:   local-tickets





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