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International Food Fare – 11 March

At Warrina Lakes, Innisfail: A cabaret night
of fabulous food and lively entertainment

Market Day Extravaganza – 20 March

Center of Innisfail – Fine array of local fruit,
wine, herbs, spices, meats.  Entertainment

Picnic in the Park – 17 March

All in White.  Surprise venue announced at
the last minute.  Bring a picnic of local produce



Feast of the Senses

Now that the dust has settled on the 2016 Feast of the Senses Festival it’s time to think about how we went and how we can improve.   Open to everyone this Saturday (7 May 2016) is a Public Meeting Notice to be held at Warrina Lakes.   Please feel free to come along and add your input.

Australian Bananas Market Day Extravaganza – Sunday 20 March 2016 – Centre of Innisfail CBD – 9am to 3pm – Come along and enjoy!
Map Overview 2016 Australian Bananas Market Day Extravaganza
Program and Stallholders 2016 Australian Bananas Market Day Extravaganza

PLEASE NOTE:    Due to lack of sufficient ticket sales – Picnic in the Park scheduled for Thursday 17 March has been cancelled. This is unfortunate, but unavoidable.

Please check out our short photo video from the 2015 Festival:   Feast of the Senses 2015 photo snapshots   We’d like to acknowledge and thank members of the Cassowary Coast Camera Club for these photos.   Each year members volunteer to come along and snap Festival events and the results are stunning.

Stallholder applications are now open for the 2016 Feast of the Senses

Feast of the Senses 2016 –

Friday 11 March to Sunday 20 March 2016

The Feast of the Senses is arguably North Queensland’s premier Tropical Food Experience.   It headlines our impressive variety of rare and exotic fruits whilst also showcasing our enviable range of other produce including meat, seafood, herbs, spices and wine, the Festival celebrates a veritable smorgasbord of fine fare.   Nowhere else is such a range of produce and cultures found as in this particular region of Tropical North Queensland.

The target audience for the Feast is not only the local community, but communities throughout Australia and even overseas with the intent of showcasing the wonders of the Ultra-Tropics®.    The region boasts a vast array of tropical and exotic fruits which have been collected over the past 30 years from all corners of the tropical world.   Mix this together with the many ethnic cultures in the region and the town centre itself which is home to the best collection of Art Deco architecture in Australia.   To blend all of this with the wonderful array of local produce is to really experience the Ultra-Tropics® in all its glory.

In 2016 the Feast of the Senses Festival will celebrate with a theme of “Our European Origins” which will reflect the countries from which many of the regions pioneers came.    We will see this influence across events in various different ways and this will give a historical feel to the Festival as a whole.   It will coincide with the centenary celebrations of various places in the Cassowary Coast region, one of the most significant being the South Johnstone Mill.

Showcase Events for the 2016 Festival will be:

Friday 11 March:

International Food Fare Sponsored by the Innisfail Chamber of Commerce this is the Official Launch of the 2016 Festival will be held at Warrina Lakes.  An evening of food and entertainment in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.   An opportunity to experience different cultures and local entertainment

Sunday 13 March:

Bush Poets Breakfast held at Spurwood Springs, the perfect venue to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast and some very entertaining bush poetry from highly regarded national and local poets.  In 2016 the breakfast will host highly acclaimed Australian Bush Poet Marco Gliori. Marco has been to Spurwood Springs before and is well remembered by those he entertained previously.

Sunday 20 March:

Market Day Extravaganza Sponsored by Australian Bananas highlighting the immense range of rare and exotic fruits and featuring around 100 stalls of local produce, as well as plenty of entertainment including activities and competitions for children, cooking competitions and community entertainment.   The Food Court will, as always, be a highlight of the day.

Food Trails:

Following the success of the three food trails in 2015, we will again run three in 2016 on Saturday 12, Monday 14 and Saturday 19 March.   These offer the opportunity to visit farms not normally accessible to the public, to speak with and learn about the methods used by local producers.

Record Breaker…

This event has been postponed until Saturday 25 March 2017 – watch this space for further information

Other Events held over the ten days including:

Picnic in the Park:
A new event in 2016 sponsored by Innisfail Catering & Party Hire this will involve a surprise venue, revealed only several days beforehand, where everything will be white.    White tables and chairs under a white marquee with some special decorations and appropriate entertainment.   Participants are requested to dress elegantly in all white clothing.   This will be a pre-ticketed event in which participants will bring your own picnic including lots of local produce (or pre-order and pre-purchase a picnic pack) to share with others.   The venue must be left exactly as it was found.    This event is popular in Europe and some 75 towns and cities in 35 countries hold this event annually.

Ultra-Tropics Dining Experiences:      
New in 2015, and replacing the traditional Gala Dinner this involves venues across the region creating one-off innovative menus of local produce and highlighting rare and exotic fruits.  This enables a huge range of different dining experiences for the people of the region, as well as challenging our local chefs to create new and interesting concepts in dining revolving around the products we produce.

Bush Poetry Writing &  Presenting Workshop:
To be held Saturday 12 March at Spurwood Springs, sponsored by Cumic Steel and open to anyone interested in the art of Bush Poetry.  This will be facilitated by Marco Gliori and will provide a very special opportunity for local budding and experienced bush poets alike to pick up tips and hints on how to improve their craft.

 Competitions to be held in 2016:



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