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International Food Fare – 24 March

At Warrina Lakes, Innisfail: A cabaret night
of fabulous food and lively entertainment

Market Day Extravaganza – 26 March

Center of Innisfail – Fine array of local fruit,
wine, herbs, spices, meats.  Entertainment

Food Trails – 23, 24, 27 & 28 March

Visit some wonderful places, meet
some amazing people




We created a new World Record for the Longest Banana Split!   8,040 meters of lushness.   Beautiful Cassowary Coast bananas topped with Mungalli Bio Dynamic yoghurt and beautiful local fresh fruit


Food Trail #2 has SOLD OUT!

Luckily, there are still seats available on the Food Trails #1, #3 and #4. Click here for more information.

Thursday 23 March to Tuesday 28 March 2017

The Feast of the Senses is arguably North Queensland’s premier Tropical Food Experience.   It headlines our impressive variety of rare and exotic fruits whilst also showcasing our enviable range of other produce including meat, seafood, herbs, spices and wine, the Festival celebrates a veritable smorgasbord of fine fare.   Nowhere else is such a range of produce and cultures found as in this particular region of Tropical North Queensland.

The target audience for the Feast is not only the local community, but communities throughout Australia and even overseas with the intent of showcasing the wonders of the Ultra-Tropics®.    The region boasts a vast array of tropical and exotic fruits which have been collected over the past 30 years from all corners of the tropical world.   Mix this together with the many ethnic cultures in the region and the town centre itself which is home to the best collection of Art Deco architecture in Australia.   To blend all of this with the wonderful array of local produce is to really experience the Ultra-Tropics® in all its glory.

In 2017 the Feast of the Senses Festival will take on a different format.   For the first time the Festival will be held a condensed period of six days incorporating just one weekend.    This will allow visitors to the Festival to enjoy all events in a shorter space of time, thus enabling a week’s holiday to our region.

Showcase Events for the 2017 Festival will be:

Thursday 23 & Friday 24 March:

Food Trails #1 and #2.    Details will follow as they are confirmed.   These offer the opportunity to visit farms not normally accessible to the public, to speak with and learn about the methods used by local producers.

Friday 24 March:

International Food Fare  held at Warrina Lakes.  An evening of food and entertainment in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.   An opportunity to experience different cultures and local entertainment

Saturday 25 March:

Guinness World Record Attempt – World’s Longest Banana Split:   To be held at Calendar Park, home of Innisfail Leprechauns – Brothers Leagues Club.    Will involve a three week lead-in of workshops to create a major art installation that will be the framework in which the banana split will be made.     Attempt will be just over 8,000 metres – involving 40,000 locally grown bananas with cream and topping from local producers and lots of ice cream!!!   Watch this space for ticketing details.

Sunday 26 March:

Market Day Extravaganza  highlighting the immense range of rare and exotic fruits and featuring around 100 stalls of local produce, as well as plenty of entertainment including activities and competitions for children, cooking competitions and community entertainment.   The Food Court will, as always, be a highlight of the day.

Monday 27 & Tuesday 28:

Food Trails #3 and #4   These offer the opportunity to visit farms not normally accessible to the public, to speak with and learn about the methods used by local producers.

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